Information about e-World Fashion

About us

e-Word Fashion LLC is an American e-commerce company, based in New Jersey, founded in 2020 by Ronice Rucki.

This e-commerce platform is more specifically, an online marketplace created with the sole purpose of making the process of buying and selling Fashion and Accessories easier and more economical. Customers can sell, buy, rent, trade and give away new or used fashion and accessories. Also they can sell, buy and trade perfumes and beauty products, all on a single platform. 

The target audience are men, women, adults and children. Also, that facilitates consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sales through its website. e-World Fashion and its Partners offer security, ease, convenience when using the platform.

Our Mission

To provide in the U.S.A  a user friendly online marketplace, where the consumers can sell, buy, trade and rent new and/or used fashion and accessories and also they can sell and buy perfumes and beauty products on a single platform, making the entire process easier and more economical.

           Entrepreneurial Opportunity

E-World Fashion empowers entrepreneurs, granting them access to the large-scale market, which allows them to rent, trade and sell their goods (fashion and accessories) for a commission below the market. In addition to the seller subscription program at competitive prices, e-World Fashion is also a fantastic platform for networking locally and nationally. So, if you are an entrepreneur who wants to extend your market, or if you are just looking to clean up some of the cluster in your closet, e-World Fashion is the most attractive and affordable e-commerce platform for you! Subscribe now!

The website is free to use for buyers. For sellers, they have to pay only 5% commission fees on all items sold.

All sellers must subscribe in order to be eligible to list merchandise on the marketplace e-World Fashion. The Subscription cost is a flat payment of $2.60 +$0.39 PayPal fees + 6.625% New Jersey Sales Tax  which will be charged after the initial 15 day trial period. After the trial period has expired and the first payment will be charged to your account the $3.19 monthly subscription fee will recur every 30 days.   
For listing items, sellers  get 15 day trial period. When the trial period ends, sellers  have to pay a little amount  per month and get unlimited number of listings, even on trial period.

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